Attention: Thriving Entrepreneurs who have discovered their inner Courage to Think Bigger!

  • Have your business results improved because you’ve “stepped up” your game?
  • Are you using more creative ways and have attracted more clients and partners?
  • Is “playing small” a thing of the past?

It’s time that we acknowledge your success!

It’s time that we celebrate you creativity and innovation! Clock


It’s time to tell your story!

…and inspire MORE business owners to Think Big…Play Bigger”™!

Here’s something you probably don’t know about…

The timing of this celebration IS NOT an ACCIDENT!

After 28 years in corporate and building my business at night and on the weekends, I FINALLY stepped FULL TIME into my business a year ago.

In fact, April 1st is my anniversary! No foolin! smile

As an entrepreneur, my story is not unlike many business owners who quietly worked hard, studied successful business owners and took action pretty consistently. But then, did not see the same results.

I couldn’t understand what I was not doing, because I knew I was doing A LOT. And after several months of small successes, I reached the conclusion that it’s not the tactics, it’s not the strategies, and it’s not that I missed something outside of me.

It WAS I! I wasn’t willing to do what I wanted my clients to do. That is, to step to the edge and be more courageous about my business. And this didn’t mean doing something radical or HUGE.

It meant…

– Taking a stand for something important about your business and your clients

– Not following the crowd so that you could finally be what they call, “authentic”

– Recognizing value in yourself and what you deliver to your client

It was not an easy place for me to get to. And now that I am there…there’s no going back!

It’s now become my mission as America’s Courage to “Think Bigger” Business Coach to help more entrepreneurs get there, faster!

I want struggling entrepreneurs who are “playing small” to know that it doesn’t help you, if you really want to achieve growth and success in your business and your life.

Doing business this way is hard work, very stressful and it’s certainly not client attractive.

And because so many business owners have used the “it’s the economy, stupid” mantra for the last year, while watching other entrepreneurs grow their businesses, I want to take the opportunity to inspire with real live examples of how that’s a recipe for failure.

And if you’re reading this you’ve discovered it too!

It’s HIGH TIME that we recognize and reward you for Thinking Bigger about your business!

Announcing the Courage to Think Bigger Award™!

The Courage to Think Bigger Award™ acknowledges your growth and “bigger thinking” as an entrepreneur and presents an incredible opportunity for your friends, family, clients, fans, followers and connections, etc. to see your story and support you.

This is YOUR opportunity to celebrate and share the story of how YOU have been courageous in your business:

– How you have stopped “playing small”

– What that meant to you as an entrepreneur and to your clients

– And to inspire other entrepreneurs, who are unsure what a difference this can make for them and their business

Finally, the Courage to Think Bigger Award™ gives me the personal and joyful opportunity to celebrate my first “full time” year in business with you!

Imagine what it feels like…

When you see the comments and the support you’ll receive to help you win the award, you will be further inspired to help more of your clients and business partners experience the same results!

You cannot win without the support and acknowledgement of the “people in your corner”.

In designing this award process I wanted it to allow YOU to inspire others with your success, and I also wanted to have the opportunity for others to INSPIRE YOU to continue to Think Big…Play Bigger.™ Reading your story and the comments creates this experience for us all.

When you participate in the Courage to Think Bigger Award™ contest and tell your story, you will create a powerful marketing asset to share with leads, prospects and clients so that they know when working with you, they will be supported in creating a bigger success in their lives and businesses!

Also, in appreciation for sharing your story, I will highlight and promote the entries using multiple marketing strategies including social media to give you added visibility.

Hang on to your seat because…

Besides sharing your story, getting that deep, warm feeling of appreciation and gratitude for all that you do and who you are…you can ALSO win TWO valuable prizes valued at more than $600!


The exclusive and distinctive honor of being the 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ Winner!

The Award demonstrates to your prospects and clients that you provide greater value and results by thinking bigger about your clients and your business! And for potential joint venture partners, you stand out as a business owner who thinks and plays bigger, to achieve greater success.

For your promotional materials you will receive a high resolution graphic to post on your website and other marketing materials.

Being first has its privileges! You’ll be highlighted in a full marketing campaign about the 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ Winner.


The winner will receive the BRAND NEW 2011 Apple iPAD 2! 

I personally selected the sleek and shiny black version of the newly announced and released Apple iPAD 2 that is lighter, thinner and faster than the first version.

This Specially Selected Brand New Apple iPAD 2 is personalized and engraved with “Courage to Think Bigger” on its cover to inspire you to continue to celebrate this 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award.

It will be shipped directly to you following the close of the contest!

Let me show you exactly how this works…

Participation in the Courage to Think Bigger Award ™ contest is FREE!

The contest period will run from April 1 – 30, 2011. The winner will be selected and notified by May 6, 2011.

You MUST register to participate in the contest below.

Next you will create and post your story that demonstrates your Courage to “Think Bigger” and what you’ve learned about how to “Play Bigger” by going to, a specially created blog.

And finally you will invite your friends, fans, colleagues, clients and connections, etc. to comment on your story.

How is the winner determined?

The story that receives the most individual comments of support for their story by the end of the contest period, will receive the 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ AND the personalized 2011 sleek, black Apple iPAD 2!

(Note: only individual comments will be counted. Multiple comments from the same individual will count as one comment.)

Please note: We will not post any content that is offensive or vulgar in anyway. We will also not link back to websites with questionable content.

Each blog submission is subject to approval prior to posting on the site. We reserve the right to make minor formatting changes to maintain consistency with the look and feel of the website.

Most submissions will be posted within 24 hours.

In addition, we reserve the right to reuse submitted stories in marketing and promotional materials.

There are the 5 simple steps to participate!


Step 1 Begin by taking the time to think about the answers to these questions:

How has being courageous and “thinking bigger” in your business ensured your success in the last 12 months?

How did you learn something from me to help you to Play Bigger? (If you’re unsure, get your Free Special Report on the right, with specific ways for you to Think Big…Play Bigger™ in your business.)

Step 2 Put your story together using either the text or video option:

Simply create your story using 100 – 150 words to describe how you’ve used the Courage to “Think Bigger” in your business to achieve results and what those results were.

You can also record a video to describe how you’ve used the Courage to “Think Bigger” in your business to achieve results and what those results were and post it to YouTube.

Step 3 Register below to post your story:

To be considered to win the 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ and the Brand New, thinner, faster, sleek, black Apple iPAD 2, you MUST register.

If a story is posted without registering, it will NOT be considered for the Courage to Think Bigger Award ™.

Simply provide your full name and email address in the box below. Should you win, you will be contacted for your address and phone number to ship the Apple iPAD 2 directly to you.

Step 4 Post your story on the blog page at

If you are using the YouTube option, post the video on YouTube and provide the link and one to two sentences to describe the video on

Step 5 Tell your friends!

Send an email, message, tweet, post, and status update to your friends, connections, family, clients, colleagues, etc. and invite them to comment on your story.


Here are some cool marketing tools to help you!

• Here is a sample email you may use to invite your friends to support you to win!

“In the past year, while a lot of business owners were pulling back, I learned to think bigger about how to support my clients and grow my business. I’m sharing my story of courage and success with entrepreneurs who might benefit from it. And because of this I have the chance to win a BRAND NEW Apple iPAD 2! But I need your support!

Go to and read my story and leave your comments and feel free to send your friends to read the stories, be inspired and comment so that others can grow in courage and success in their business.

Thank you for your support!”

• Here is a sample Tweet you may use to drive traffic to your story on the blog!

Thinking big has been the key to my success and I’m excited to reveal my secrets! Read my story here and be sure to leave a comment.

• Connect with me on the social media networks below, to follow the action and comments. And be sure to become a Facebook Fan of Chris Makell, America’s Courage To “Think Bigger” Business Coach! I’ll be posting daily about the contest, the contestants, the stories, activity and results! You can join the conversation and drive additional traffic to your story to get even more exposure AND comments!


• Finally, visit the blog page at throughout the month to read and enjoy the support you’ll receive to celebrate your Courage to Think Bigger!

Throughout the month we will be promoting the blog page and posts to further support you and invite comments to your story!

This is really cool…

April 30th 2011 will be the last day for comments as the contest comes to a close. Beginning May 1st, the comments will be reviewed and the Apple iPAD 2 winner will be selected and notified by Friday, May 6th.

The WINNER will receive the exclusive 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ graphic for their website and marketing materials, and greater visibility for your business through a marketing promotion and campaign.

AND the Brand New thinner, faster, sleek, black 2011 Apple iPAD 2 engraved with “Courage to Think Bigger” on the cover, shipped directly to you! An over $600 value!

Please note that by participating in the Courage to Think Bigger Award™ contest, you give the ability to republish your story for promotional purposes.

You’ve got questions?

I understand…you may have questions. No worries!

Click here to ask any questions you might have! We’ll get back to you within 48 hours! Or you may contact us at 888.822.1408 or via email:

I look forward to celebrating YOUR Courage to “Think Bigger” in your business!

Think Big…Play Bigger™