Attention: Mompreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners

STOP wasting time, energy and money TRYING to be seen!


If you’ve ever put your heart and soul into creating a teleseminar or webinar to share high quality content and information and…

  • You get a “trickle” of registrations coming in
  • Few people show up to the event – LIVE or at all
  • You experience a slew (technical term – lol) of unsubscribes after the event

We know your pain!

There are LOTS of “moving parts” when you design and promote your events and Chris Makell, Courage to “Think Bigger” Business Coach and Melanie Kissell, Virtual Event Strategist¬†have put together this FREE webinar to help you “nail down” a critical piece of the puzzle.

Join us for:


Virtually “Fantastic” Event Promotions!


In less than an hour, you will walk away with:

OVER 40+ online marketing tools

UNIQUE event promotional strategies very few are using (your competitive advantage, right?)


These strategies will boost your online event’s visibility and attendance so that you reach more of your ideal clients and help more people. It’s designed for mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, small business owners and those who are just interested in building your list of tools and resources to promote your business, easily.

Just put your name and email address in the box on the right and you’ll receive the information to join us on Wednesday, November 9th at 4pm EST!

And Melanie has a “special” gift for those who attend LIVE! (Psst — it will NOT be a part of a replay link…)

We’re looking forward to “seeing” you!